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End to End services

Pre Execution

Legal Clearence

  •  Conduct property survey.
  •  Obtain property papers.
  •  Obtain legal clearence on  documents / title verification(s).
  •  Obtain NoC from seller family as  needed. ( India and overseas as  needed ).
  •  Housing loan processing as needed.

Loan Procedure

  •  As needed shortlist loan vendor banks.
  •  Enter into sale agreement with  buyer on payment of consideration  from own funds.
  •  Obtain loan approvals from banks.
  •  Obtain fund release from bank (DD  in name of buyer as per sale  agreement).


  •  Deed preparation and finalization.
  •  Review of statutory requirements if  any.
  •  Notify seller of dates, etc.
  •  Obtain demand draft(s) for  payments to be made at SRO and  seller.
  •  Buyer to plan to make full /  remaining payments due.
  •  Deed execution at SRO on a  designated date.
  •  Obtain originals SRO documents /  deed.

Post Execution

  •  Khata transfer.
  •  Property tax payments.
  •  Encumbrance checks.
  •  Electricity bill / records - Name Change.
  •  Water bill / records - Name Change.